Urban Pup Waterproof Coat - Black and Blue

Urban Pup Waterproof Coat - Black and Blue Sale

Urban Pup

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Urban Pup's waterproof, quilted parka dog coat is luxurious, soft and most of all, will keep your dog safe and warm and dry in the winter. Urban Pup's thermo parka dog coat is a gorgeous shade of purple with a yellow thermal lining. Made with a detachable faux fur hood, the Urban Pup waterproof coat can be worn as either a coat or a parka - depending on the weather. Urban Pup dog coats really are superior quality and fashion design! The Urban Pup coat is made with multilayers and a thermal silkara lining inside the coat will ensure your dog stays dry, warm and comfortable. To use the Urban Pup dog coat, simply fit your dog's legs through the elasticated leg holes and use the chrome poppers along the tummy to fasten of quickly release the coat. We love this gorgeous design from Urban Pup and any dog can look like a rockstar in Urban Pup's quilted parka. Urban Pup dog coats come complete with a lead/hole so that a harness or collar can be worn underneath. 

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