Puppia Soft Harness A - Purple

Puppia Soft Harness A - Purple


£18.00 GBP 


The stylish, light-weight and best dog harness for fashion conscious pets and their owners, the Puppia Soft Harness! Puppia's soft dog harness is our no.1 selling harness at As Snug as a Pug Boutique and it's understandable why! This dog harness is the original padded soft dog harness by Puppia, bringing a simple and effortlessly chic look to the Puppia pet fashion brand. Puppia is a world renowned pet fashion label and Puppia harnesses are the most sought after dog harnesses for anyone looking for a chic, comfortable and safe dog harness. Puppia soft dog harnesses are veterinarian recommended and are double stitched to ensure durablility for even the most active of pets. Made from a soft air-mesh material and padded at the chest, Puppia's comfortable dog harness design puts no strain on the neck - the best dog harness for dogs who constantly pull while out walkies. Puppia dog harnesses have an adjustable chest belt to allow a superior fit for your dog. Puppia's soft padded dog harness is also available in a wide range of colours with available matching leads - please click on the link below for our discounted Harness and Lead Set. There's defiintely a colour something to suit every doggie in this Puppia Soft Harness collection!

Puppia Soft Harnesses are perfect for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Puppia Soft Dog Harness sizes ensure all breeds can look chic and be comfortable; from small Teacup Chihuahua breeds to XL and XXL for big dog breeds like Labradors, Alsatians, Shar Peis, Dobermans etc. Puppia's Soft Dog Harness is also perfect for dogs who have broad shoulders, like Pugs and French Bulldogs as these harnesses can be adjusted to suit their size. 

Please use our dog harness size guide, but if you are unsure of which size to purchase, please contact us and we'll be sure to help.

Once you've tried the Puppia Soft Dog Harness, you won't want to try another pet fashion label! Your dog will thank you for introducing you both to the comfortable and stylish Puppia Soft Harness - the best dog harness.

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!