Puppia Soft Harness C

Puppia Soft Harness C


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Puppia Harness C - Puppia's latest style of harness has been such a huge hit that the Harness C has now been made as part of the permanent line. The Puppia Harness C range is available in the original and best-selling Soft Harness colours; Camo, Red, Sky Blue, Pink and Black. The Soft Harness C has been designed as a step in harness making it perfect for dogs whom do not like anything passed over their head. The other bonus of the Puppia Soft Harness C is that it sits lower on your dog's chest and fits together on the back of your dog with Puppia's quick release snap buckle - instead of the velcro fastening the Puppia Harness B step in has.

As this Harness is a C style which is a step-in style, for anyone familiar with Puppia Harness, you will need to take one size larger than the Harness A style. The Harness C is a great choice for Pugs and French Bulldogs, as well as other breeds with large heads relative to the size of their neck. Although this harness can be slightly adjusted, the Soft Harness C is a different shape and it is the shoulder straps which are adjusted so the neckline can be made bigger. This may be needed for dogs who are normally hard to fit or are in between sizes. On the back of the Puppia Soft Harness C are two sturdy nickel-plated D-rings on to which you can attach your lead. Matching leads are available for the Puppia Soft Harness C under the Puppia Soft Lead collection.

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