Puppia Corporal Harness B

Puppia Corporal Harness B


£28.00 GBP 


The Puppia Corporal Harness B is a fun camouflague print dog harness and a great addition to the Puppia harness line. The Puppia Corporal Ritefit Harness is warm, cosy and luxurious and perfect for dog walks in the Winter. There is also a small fabric loop at the neck which comes with a Puppia smart tag attached - this can be interchanged with an identification tag or a charm pendant. Puppia Corporal Dog Harness B style step-in harnesses are fashionable, functional and secure. The Puppia Corporal Harness B is a soft harness which provides the ultimate in comfort for the dog as its spreads any pressure from pulling across the whole chest area rather than on the neck. To fit, the dog just steps in onto the two leg holes and then secure the harness around the back using the velcro closure and snap buckle for extra security. There are double metal d-rings on the back where you can clip your lead. Especially great for breeds with big heads and/or who dislike anything passing over their heads. Please measure your dog carefully and compare to the size chart below.

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