Puppia Ensign Harness B

Puppia Ensign Harness B


£33.00 GBP 


Bright, bold and camouflage for Summer, the Puppia Ensign Harness is available in either Blue or Pink, perfect for any chic pooch! The Puppia Ensign Harness B is a soft harness which is a step-in style making it perfect for any dog whom dislikes - or is nervous of - anything going over their head. Walk your dog into the harness, ensuring the legs go through the leg holes and close the velcro closure then for extra security, there is a quick release buckle. Simply secure the quick-release buckle and your dog is ready for a stroll, or run, around the park. 

Puppia Harness B styles are generally made one size smaller than the Harness A - we advise XL for most Pugs and French Bulldogs, but please use the size chart below. 

Size Neck Girth Chest Girth


Small 9.5"-10.5" 9"-11"
Medium 11"-12.5" 10"-14"
Large 13"-14.5" 13"-18"
X-Large 14-16" 17"-21"



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