Puppia Dotty II Harness C

Puppia Dotty II Harness C


£36.00 GBP 


The Puppia Dotty Harness II is a Soft Harness C-style in a polka dot patterned print. Perfect for making your dog look bang on trend, the Puppia Dotty Harness II is available in Teal, Navy or Orange. The fabric of the harness is 100% Cotton making it perfect for Spring/Summer as it's lightweight and luxurious for any dog. There is also a small fabric loop at the neck which comes with a Puppia smart tag attached. This can be interchanged with an identification tag or a charm pendant if you wish. Matching leads are available for the Puppia Dotty Harness II. Designed with soft and spongy neck and chest padding, the Harness C style is a great design for any dog reluctant to wear an over-the-head harness. As this Harness is a C which is a step-in style, it means that the harness does not need to pass over your dogs head and instead, the harness can be buckled up around them. This suits breeds with larger heads in comparison to the size of their neck/chest. The other bonus of the Puppia Harness C is that the shoulder straps can be adjusted, so you can make the neckline bigger if needed. This may be needed for dogs who are normally hard to fit or are in between sizes. Sturdy metal Double D rings for safety on the back, so you can clip your lead around both. Matching leads are available for the Puppia Dotty Harness C style.

Please note: The Harness C style comes up smaller than the Harness A style. Any dog wearing a Large size Harness A will need an XL in the Harness C. 

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