Puppia Base Waterproof Dog Coat

puppia waterproof jacket


£35.00 GBP 


Puppia Base Raincoat is a jumper style waterproof dog coat complete with an adorable hood, made with a polyurethane coating for a water-resistant effect. The lightweight and super popular Puppia Base Raincoat is made from Nylon on the outside and mesh polyester inside - perfect for those rainy days and easy to pack away or take on the go with you. The Puppia Base Waterproof Coat has reflective tape on shoulder and back with the words "Puppia Sport" on the reflective strips. On the back of the Puppia Base is a lead/leash hole meaning your dog can wear a harness underneath and simply slip the lead/leash through the hole for walkies time. The Puppia Base waterproof coat has fully adjustable strings and stoppers 
on the hood, sleeves and bottom, as well as on the hood. At Snug as a Pug, the Puppia Base Raincoat is one of our most popular, lightweight rain coats!

Puppia Base Raincoats are made one size smaller than the Puppia Harness B styles. For example, most Pugs need a size XXL if they take a size XL in the Puppia Harness B style. 

puppia base raincoat size guide

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