Pimp My Pug Harness - Little Monster

Pimp My Pug Harness - Little Monster

Pimp My Pug

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Pimp My Pug Harness in Little Monster, for your little monster! Pimp My Pug Reversible Harness in Little Monster is a classic looking dog harness which features monsters on one side and a checkered pattern on the reservable air-mesh side. Created by designer Simona in Italy, these dog harnesses are specially made for both Pugs and French Bulldogs and are cut to such a high standard that they offer a superior fitting compared to a lot of other dog harness brands out there. Pimp My Pug Harnesses are extremely fun for Pugs, French Bulldogs and their owners, and offer so much comfort for your furry friend. Pug and French Bulldog owners understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect fitting dog harness, and the Pimp My Pug range is perfect for all Pugs and French Bulldogs. Made with high quality fabrics and superior craftsmanship, the Pimp My Pug Harness range is quirky, perfect-fitting and we're sure your Pugs and French Bulldogs will love this dog fashion brand which has been designed for Pugs and French Bulldogs specifically.

To use, simply pop the harness over your dogs and adjust the chest-belt if needed. On the back of the Pimp My Pug Harness is a metal D-ring, on to which you can attach your lead. 


Size Guide:

Small - Pug and French Bulldogs Puppies: 13 - 14 inch neck

Medium - Pugs and French Bulldogs around 7.5kg - 9.5kg: 14.5 - 15 inch neck

Large - Pugs and French Bulldogs around 9.5 - 13.5kg: 15.5 - 16.5 inch neck

XL - Pugs and French Bulldogs over 13.5kg - 17 - 18 inch neck


Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!