Natural Dog Company - Paw Soother

Natural Dog Company - Paw Soother

Natural Dog Company

£15.50 GBP 


The Natural Dog Company Paw Soother is an organic, vegan, 100% natural herbal-based blend of butters and special plant oils. The Paw Soother is specially formulated to heal rough, chapped, dry dog paw pads as your dog's paws can become dry and damaged from unprotected contact with elements such as ice, salt, sand, rough or hot surfaces. If left untreated, dry cracking paw pads can cause great discomfort and obsessive licking. Natural Dog Company Paw Soother helps to deeply heal, moisturise and nourish the skin – make them soft and smooth again. You will be able to see noticeable results after just one use.

DIRECTIONS: For no-mess application stick, simply uncap, twist up from the bottom, and glide our protective balm directly over your dog’s paw pads. Paws will be slick directly after application so it is advised to allow time for it to dry.

DISTRACTION: Distractions are key for getting the best results! Using treats (peanut butter works great!), applying right before mealtime, or following with a belly rub are great distractions to allow time for the product to work it's magic!

TIPS: At As Snug as a Pug, we use baby socks after applying Paw Soother to prevent licking and to create an ultra healing environment for the paws to absorb the natural butters and oils.

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!