FuzzYard Dog Harness - Go Nuts!

FuzzYard Dog Harness - Go Nuts!


£26.00 GBP 


Is your furry friend so nutty about donuts that he or she could easily wear a donut dog harness? Glazed, fun-filled or sugar coated, we love FuzzYard Dog Harness in Go Nuts! FuzzYard Soft Dog Harness features a beige colour with donuts printed all over the harness. FuzzYard's dog harnesses are made from polyester on the outer shell of the harness, and inside of the harness is made from air-mesh polyester which is soft, lightweight and breathable against your dog's body. To use the dog harness, simply pop the FuzzYard dog harness over your dog's head and adjust the chest-belt as required to perfectly fit your furry friend's body. 


Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!