About us

The largest pet boutique collection of the famous and fancy Puppia Harnesses in the UK in our Snug as a Pug pet boutique. As well as the largest range of pet fashion and dog harnesses from Puppia, we also stock the much loved pet fashion labels, Pet London, Louisdog, La Maison d'Arabella, Mutts and Hounds and Pinkaholic. Snug as a Pug was founded with the help of Soozie and Percy, the much beloved Pugs from Snug as a Pug. As a lover of fancy and unusual dog harnesses and dog clothes, we understand that owners always want the very best for their pets, but pet owners should not have to over pay for high quality and unique dog accessories. As such, Snug as a Pug Dog Boutique was founded and our aim is to make your dog's life just a little more exciting and fun through our huge selection of luxury pet fashion and dog harness brands. From the largest collection of Puppia Harnesses and Puppia dog clothes, as well as our collection of pet fashion labels Pet London, Pinkaholic and Louisdog, there is something to suit every canine and pampered pooch.

We are proud retailers of the Puppia brand - world renowned for their soft dog harnesses and dog clothes. Puppia is a combination of the two words "Puppy" and "Utopia", and all Puppia products are consistently created around this concept. Puppia creates high quality, comfortable, vetinary approved and fashionable apparel for dogs, and other pets.  Since Puppia's launch in 1999, Puppia has become the premier dog apparel label in the world! At the moment, there are more than 4,000 retailers world-wide carry Puppia!

Louisdog is another brand we stock. This is an extremely high fashion luxury brand of the finest quality; from cashmere sweaters to organic cotton t-shirts, Louisdog creates sweet, fancy and defiantly deluxe apparel. 

We also retail the well known PetLondon brand. PetLondon are a British company which have an extensive collection of high quality, cute dog clothes and dog accessories.

Snug as a Pug also actively support selected local dog charities both financially and through the donating of some products we retail.  It is our belief that all dogs of all shapes, sizes and age should be treated as part of the family, happy, healthy and loved. 

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!

This website is operated by Snug as a Pug Ltd trading as Snug as a Pug. We are registered in the UK SC468889.

Enjoy our collection of the world famous Puppia pet fashion label, once you've tried a Puppia harnesses and dog clothing, you'll understand why Puppia and Puppia Harnesses are our best-selling products!

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!