Puppia Harness and Lead Sets

Discover our wonderful collection of Puppia Harness and Lead Sets. At As Snug as a Pug, we've put together our best selling Puppia harnesses as Harness and Lead Sets - purchasing any of these Puppia Harness and Lead Sets is cheaper than buying the Puppia Harness and Puppia Lead seperately. Puppia Dog Harnesses are veterinarian recommended and made from a soft, comfortable materials, allowing a little more luxury for your pooch. Puppia is a world-famous dog fashion brand, mostly for their unique, adorable and fashionable dog harnesses. We have our best-selling Puppia harnesses available in the Harness and Lead Sets - from the smart and stylish Puppia Soft Harness, to Puppia's step-in harness, the Puppia Vest Harness and new for Summer, the Puppia Neon Harness C and Neon Ritefit Harnesses are available as a Puppia Dog Harness and Lead Set. 

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!