Enter our luxury dog boutique in Glasgow and discover the latest from the PUPPIA dog fashion brand including the complete PUPPIA Dog Harness and PUPPIA Dog Clothes Collection in the UK. From gorgeous designer step-in style PUPPIA harnesses to ultra stylish and modern dog clothes, PUPPIA is a global dog fashion brand. From PUPPIA's original and stylish,PUPPIA Soft Harness and to PUPPIA's Vest Harness, as well as PUPPIA's seasonal dog harness and dog clothes collections, PUPPIA have ensured that they remain the no.1 best-selling dog harness and dog clothing brand. The original, soft and padded dog harnesses designed by PUPPIA, The PUPPIA Vest Harness, the PUPPIA Ritefit Harness and PUPPIA Soft Harness are all crafted with a soft, light air-mesh material and have a padded chest as well as an adjustable chest belt, allowing for the best possible harness fit for your dog. Available in a wide variety of colours and styles, PUPPIA harnesses and dog clothes can easily be worn by any pooch and dog of any shape and size. PUPPIA Harnesses are available to fit from the extra small Teacup Breeds to the extra, extra large big dog breeds such as Labradors, Retrievers and Alsatians. 

The PUPPIA dog fashion label is the world's most influential dog fashion label and is available from selected dog boutiques and dog stores world-wide, as well as luxury department stores. We are delighted and honoured to be able to stock and retail this wonderfully chic and stylish dog fashion company in the UK. PUPPIA design and create dog harnesses, dog clothes and dog accessories with luxury and comfort for your dog in mind. From their launch in 2000, PUPPIA have grown to become a firm favourite and much-loved dog fashion brand amongst dogs and their owners, producing consistently high-quality dog harnesses and dog clothes, PUPPIA have firmly established themselves as a global pet fashion label. Browse one of the largest collections available in the UK of the famous and fancy PUPPIA Harnesses and PUPPIA Clothing and your dog will thank you for discovering PUPPIA, the stylish dog company.

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!