Puppia Soft Harness C and Lead Set

Puppia Soft Harness C and Lead Set


£35.00 GBP 


Puppia Soft Harness C style - the step-in, adjustable dog harness by Puppia is now available in the Soft Harness colours and part of the permanent Puppia Harness collection. The Puppia Soft Harness C is available in Camo, Pink, Sky Blue, Black or Red and the Puppia Soft Harness C Set comes with the matching lead. This Puppia Soft Harness C which is unique a step-in style, meaning that the harness does not need to pass over your dogs head and instead, simply walk your dog into the harness and buckle the harness around them. The Puppia Harness C suits all dog breeds that dislike having anything pass over their hand and also dogs with large heads relative to the size of their neck - perfect for Pugs and French Bulldogs. The other bonus of this Puppia Harness C style is that the shoulder straps can be adjusted, although only little, so you can make the neckline bigger if needed. The Puppia Soft Harness C is ideal for dogs inbetween sizes in the Puppia Soft Harness. With sturdy, nickel-plated double D-rings on the back of the Puppia Soft Harness C, you can clip on the matching lead and enjoy the chicest dog walk!

Puppia do not currently offer a Camo lead, and instead, a Black Soft Lead will be sent with the Soft Harness C and Lead Set Camo option.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Puppia Harness C styles, these dog harnesses are more in line with the Harness B for fitting. For example, any dog currently wearing a size Large in the Harness A style (over-the-head) will need a size XL in the Harness C. 

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!