Puppia Elliot Harness A

Puppia Elliot Harness A


£32.00 GBP 


The Puppia Elliot Harness is available in a choice of two colour schemes, Red or  knitted jumpers.The woven cross-stitched pattern is available in two colour schemes, Wine or Grey, and each Elliot Harness has three complimentary colours woven throughout. Designed to look like a chunky knit sweater, the Puppia Elliot Harness is a plush style harness, providing a luxurious and comfortable fit for your little one. Providing extra comfort and warmth, the plush lining on the inside of the harness is a perfect addition for the Winter. With the Elliot Harness available in sizes Small to XL, with matching leads, the harness will be a popular choice amongst many breeds. 

Designed with soft and spongy neck and chest padding, the Soft Harness style gives the walker extra control and ensures that the dog is comfortable by removing pressure from the trachea. Unlike when using a collar or strap harness there is no strain on the neck. The harness sits slightly lower on the dog than a collar,more around the shoulders. Many owners are familiar with the choking sound their dog makes when excitedly pulling on their collar and this causes irreversible damage over the long term. 


The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product. 
Make sure all measurements fit within the dimensions with a room to spare in the chest and neck.
Size Neck Girth Breast Girth
S 10.2" 12.6"~17.3"
M 12.6" 15.4"~22.0"
L 14.2" 19.3"~26.7"
XL 15.7" 22.0"~30.7"

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