Puppia Bobby Harness C

Puppia Bobby Harness C


£32.00 GBP 


Puppia Bobby Harness C - the latest Puppia step-in harness style. The Puppia Bobby Harness C is available in either Navy Stripes or Navy Camo - both are gorgeous, urban colours and are perfect for the Spring/Summer months. Made from 60% cotton, 37% polystester and 3% spandex, the Puppia Bobby Harness C is lightweight, breathable and has a comfortable padded chest. 

This Puppia Bobby Harness C which is a step-in style and measures one size smaller than the Puppia Harness A styles and is the same sizing as the Puppia Harness B style. The Puppia Bobby Harness C means that the harness does not need to pass over your dogs head and instead, the harness is fastened around your dog. The Harness C also sits lower on the neck, making it perfect for breeds which larger chests or brachy breeds who struggle to wear a collar. Another perk of this style of the Puppia Bobby Harness C is that the shoulder straps can be adjusted slightly, so you can make the neckline bigger if needed. This may be needed for dogs who are normally hard to fit or are in between sizes. On the back of the harness, there are two D-Rings on to which you can attach the matching Puppia Bobby Lead. As the Puppia Bobby Harness C is a fancier Puppia Harness, it comes with a Puppia Smart Tag - the latest Puppia patent pending technology which can be exchanged with your dog's own ID tag. 

Please note: The Puppia Harness C style measures up slightly smaller than the Harness A style and we advise that all dogs take ONE SIZE LARGER in this style. We recommend XL for Pugs. 

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!