Puppia Baxter Harness B

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Puppia Baxter Harness A is a modern, urban take on the traditional plaid pattern. Featuring a choice of Olive, Orange or Black background with black and white plaid stripes, this harness a sophisticated and chic look with a complimentary lining made from 100% cotton. On the chest of the harness, is a rubber Puppia label. These harnesses are designed for the ultimate comfort for your dog, as these soft dog harnesses have a spongy, filling material making these harnesses light-weight and breathable. As well as looking chic, the Puppia Baxter Harness is available in size Small to XL, ensuring even larger-chested dogs can look super chic in this stylish harness.

Keep in mind all Puppia harnesses are comfortable for your dog, no more pulling on their neck and throat; they have adjustable chest belts and also come with a sturdy D ring to attach a dog lead or car restraint/seat-belt.

A soft padded harness with superior comfort as you would come to expect from the well-known Puppia brand, the Puppia Baxter harness features:
• Soft comfortable neck
• A Quick release buckle makes getting the Harness on and off a breeze
• Lightly Padded all over
• Adjustable chest belt
• Classy Check Design.
• Nickel Plated D-Ring at the back to attach Lead or Car Restraint
• Durable Exterior.

We recommend XL for Pugs and French Bulldogs in this style! Puppia Harness B styles are made one size smaller than the Puppia Harness A (over the head).

Size Neck Girth Chest Girth


Small 9.5"-10.5" 9"-11"
Medium 11"-12.5" 10"-14"
Large 13"-14.5" 13"-18"
 XLarge  14"-16"  17"-21"




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