Puppia Neon Harness C

Puppia Neon Harness C


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Puppia's Neon Harness C is a soft, padded dog harness from Puppia in step-in style. Just like our no.1 selling product, the original Puppia Soft Vest Jacket Harness, this harness is designed for dogs who do not like or who are nervous of a harness being passed over their head. Puppia's Neon Harness C is a bright, burst of colour with the Puppia Smart Tag. Puppia's Soft Vest Jacket Harnesses have a velcro and clasp fastening, making it very secure and the chest is very padded for superior comfort for your dog. However, Puppia's Neon Harness C is a little different to Puppia's Vest Jacket Harness as it does not have velcro  but instead an adjustable belt making for the perfect possible fit for your dog. Puppia's Vest Jacket Harnesses are ideal for any dogs who pull a lot while out on walks as the harness is designed to spread weight across the chest.

This range covers sizes S for Chihuahuas to XL is for Adult Pugs.

Neck Girth
Chest Girth 
10.6~12.2 in.  11.8~13.4 in. 
12.2~13.8 in.  14.2~15.7 in. 
L 13.8~15.4 in.  16.5~18.9 in. 
XL 15.4~17.3 in. 18.1~20.5 in.


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