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Discover our Puppia Harness and Puppia pet fashion label collection. Puppia is the world's most influential dog fashion label, famous for their unique and high-quality Puppia Harness and Puppia Clothing collections. We have one of the largest collections of Puppia harnesses and dog clothes in the UK and we are proud to retail one of the largest collections and styles of the popular Puppia Soft Harness range, as well as Puppia pet fashion. Puppia is much-loved and go-to dog brand for their Puppia Harnesses and dog clothing both in the UK and internationally, we ship to both the UK and world-wide, and our huge collection of Puppia harnesses available in our premier boutique offers the most up-to-date collections of the famous Puppia Harness in the UK.

The Puppia pet fashion label is our best selling pet brand at As Snug as a Pug and is favoured by many dogs and their owners due to Puppia's fashionable designs and huge selection of dog harness sizes; from Puppia's tiny Extra, Extra Small (XXS) size, perfect for Teacup breeds, XS for Chihuahuas, Large for Pugs and French Bulldogs and XXL for Labradors and Alsatians. The Puppia dog harnesses ensure that all dogs can enjoy a well-fitted soft, padded, and most importantly, comfortable dog harness as well as remaining chic and fashionable, no matter their size or breed. We are delighted to stock the Puppia dog fashion label in the UK and are proud to retail this world-wide, well-known and loved pet fashion label which consistently offers a variety of styles of dog harness and dog clothes; from the classic and original Puppia Soft Harness, to Puppia's step-in dog harness, the Puppia Vest Harness, there are so many styles and designs of Puppia harness to choose from with the Puppia fashion label, as well as complimenting Puppia accessories.

Shop the largest collection of Puppia harnesses and Puppia dog clothes in our luxury British dog boutique, and both you and your pooch will understand why Puppia is the favourite dog fashion brand amongst dogs and their owners both in the UK and world-wide. From the simple and classic Puppia Soft Harness and Puppia Vest Harness to the intricately detailed Puppia Spring Garden Harness, our fabulous Puppia Harness collection will keep your dog comfortable and stylish - your dog will thank you for choosing a Puppia Harness.

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!