PUPPIA is the most famous dog fashion brand in both the UK and the world! From Dog Harnesses to Dog clothes, PUPPIA pet fashion is always chic, adorable and comfortable for your dog. We retail one of the largest selections of Puppia Dog Clothing and Dog Harnesses in the UK and are the largest pet boutique in Scotland retailing Puppia. Puppia Dog Harnesses are veterinary recommended, padded and come in all different styles; from their Dog Harness A style which comfortably goes over your dog's head to Puppia's Vest Jacket Dog Harness B which is perfect for dogs uncomfortable with a harness passing over their head and instead is a step-in dog harness. Puppia Dog Harnesses are soft, padded and their designs are the sweet, adorable and always chic. As a pet fashion brand, Puppia ensure that their collections reflect the changes in Seasons; from bright, bold colours for the Spring and Summer to plush, faux-fur dog harnesses for the Autumn and Winter, there are so many different harnesses and dog clothes to choose from!

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!