Puppia Naunet Harness B

Puppia Naunet Harness B


£32.00 GBP 


The Puppia Naunet Harness is a burst of colour for Summer! Availalbe in a choice of Pink, Orange or Blue, the Puppia Naunet Harness is made from 100% cotton and features a black and white striped trim. As well as having a black and white trim, the Puppia Naunet harness inner shell is also black and white, creating a beautiful contrast.

The Puppia Naunet Harness B style is a step-in harness which is fashionable, functional and secure. Providing the ultimate in comfort for your dog, the Puppia Harness B spreads any pressure from pulling across the whole chest area rather than on the neck. To fit, simply step your dog int the two leg holes and then secure the harness around the back using the velcro closure and snap buckle for extra security. There are double metal d-rings on the back where you can clip your lead/leash. The Puppia Harness B is especially great for breeds with big heads and/or who dislike anything passing over their heads, and well as any dogs who are a "brachy" breed as this harness sits very low on the chest, avoiding the throat.

We always recommend XL for Pugs and French Bulldogs! 

Size Neck Girth Chest Girth


Small 9.5"-10.5" 9"-11"
Medium 11"-12.5" 10"-14"
Large 13"-14.5" 13"-18"
X-Large 14-16" 17"-21"


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