Dog Harnesses | Puppia and Pinkaholic Harness Collection

Shop our gorgeous collection of dog harnesses - our range of Puppia harnesses, Pinkaholic harnesses and Mutts and Hounds harnesses on our official As Snug as a Pug website. Our Puppia harness collection is one of the largest selections of the famous and fancy Puppia pet fashion label in the UK and our Pinkaholic is also one of the largest collections of this iconic dog fashion brand in the UK. Some of our customer favourites are the Puppia Soft Harness, Puppia Vet Harness, Puppia Ritefit Harness and Leads, Pinkaholic Peonies Harness and the gloriously British brand Mutts and Hounds Tweed Balmoral Harness is a perfect choice for any budding country dog.

All of the dog harnesses we retail in our harness collection at As Snug as a Pug are dog fashion brands we know offer superior style, quality and comfort for your dog. Puppia harnesses, Pinkaholic harnesses and Mutts and Hounds harnesses are especially known for their unique dog harness design, soft and comfortable style and use of light and comfortable materials. Once you and your dog have tried a Puppia harness, Pinkaholic harness and a Mutts and Hounds harness, you'll understand why we love and retail these popular dog brand companies in our emporium and why our customers return to purchase these much-loved dog harnesses! Our particular favourite is the simple, but chic Puppia Soft Harness, this particular Puppia harness is available in many colours, sizes (for tiny to large dogs) and available leads in the same colours as the Puppia Soft Harness - for the ultimate chic dog down the park, our Puppia harness collection!

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!