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Discover the largest PUPPIA Dog Harness Collection in the UK and the largest PUPPIA Dog Harness and Dog Fashion dog boutique in the UK. The PUPPIA pet fashion label is a world-famous dog fashion brand and is only retailed in the finest dog boutiques, luxury department stores and pet stores in the world. PUPPIA craft well-made, unique and comfortable dog harnesses and dog fashion for all dog breeds; from the extra small Teacup Chihuahua sizes to the extra, extra large sizes, perfect for Labradors and Alsatians. The PUPPIA Dog Harness Collection in our dog boutique ensures all dogs can be stylish and comfortable. Offering PUPPIA Dog Harnesses and PUPPIA Dog Fashion made with the best of materials, from 100% cotton and soft, padded air-mesh, it's easy to understand why PUPPIA is the world's no.1 dog fashion brand. Our PUPPIA Dog Harness collection offers the complete PUPPIA Harness range including the popular PUPPIA Ritefit Harness, PUPPIA Spring Garden Harness, PUPPIA Soft Vest Jacket Harness and the original Puppia Soft Harness. Shop our PUPPIA Dog Harness and Dog Fashion Collection and discover comfortable, stylish and unique dog harness and dog clothing.

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