Puppia Stellar Harness A

Puppia Stellar Harness A


£23.00 GBP 


Puppia Stellar Harness is one of our most popular faux fur, plush dog harnesses by Puppia at As Snug as a Pug Pet Boutique. Stellar Harness is fully lined with soft, plush faux fur and also has a plush fur interior with a cute star pattern dotted all over the harness. Puppia's Stellar has is definitely one of the most luxurious dog harnesses and is super soft. As the interior of the dog harness is fully lined with soft plush fur, it's great for those chillier Summer nights or perfect for Winter walkies. The Stellar Harness is placed over the dog's head and there is an adjustable chest belt with a quick release snap buckle for a secure closure and superior fitting. On the back of the Puppia Stellar Harness is a sturdy, metal, nickel-plated D-ring, on to which you can attached your lead-leash. All of Puppia dog harnesses are veterinary approved due to their soft, padded chest design which spreads any pressure from your dog pulling across their chest and shoulders, instead of on the neck. Puppia Stellar Harness is super plush and elegant and will attract so much attention to your four-legged friend no matter where you walk them.

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!