Puppia Mountaineer Waterproof Jacket - Red

Puppia Mountaineer Waterproof Jacket - Red


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The Puppia Mountaineer Dog Jacket, our best-selling waterproof dog jacket and dog coat by the world's leading dog fashion brand, Puppia. Practical and stylish, the Puppia Mountaineer Jacket cleverly combines a jacket and harness; simply slip your dog's paws into the jacket, zip up the jacket along your dog's back and the harness closes over the zip for extra safety. The Puppia Mountaineer Jacket is fully waterproof and has a fleece lining making it perfect for the Winter weather. Puppia's Mountaineer 2 is the perfect choice to keep your dog cosy, dry and comfortable during heavy rain and cold weather. The durable waterproof shell of the Puppia Mountaineer will definitely stand up against the elements and can easily be cleaned at a 30 degree wash. Puppia include the Puppia Smart Tag with the Puppia Mountaineer Jacket which can be worn or interchanged with any I.D. tag or charm if you wish. 

Puppia Mountaineer sizes are one size smaller than the Harness A style by Puppia. If your dog takes a size L in the Harness A style, then he or she will need an XL in the Puppia Mountaineer. The Puppia Mountaineer Jackets are a very snug fit just like the Puppia Harness B styles.

*This product runs smaller than the Puppia harnesses so please be sure to measure. These are the actual measurements of product, not the dog. Choose size based mainly on dog's chest girth fitting comfortably within these measurements with room to spare.

Measurements in INCHES

Chest Girth 14.2" Neck Girth 9.5" Back Length 7.9"

Chest Girth 16.5" Neck Girth 11" Back Length 9.8"

Chest Girth 18.9" Neck Girth 12.6" Back Length 11.8"

Chest Girth 22.8" Neck Girth 14.2" Back Length 14.6"

Chest Girth 27.2" Neck Girth 15.8" Back Length 17.7"

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