Puppia Bobby Harness A

Puppia Bobby Harness A


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Puppia Bobby Harness is available in either Navy Stripes or Navy Camo, and the Puppia Bobby Harness is utterly adorable for any pet. Made from a mixture of Cotton, Polyester and Spandex, the Puppia Bobby Harness is bold and dashing - perfect for any breed of dog. Puppia Harnesses are double stitched for durability, as well as available in a range of sizes for all dog breeds. The Puppia Bobby Harness comes in two stylish patterns and each has a Puppia rubber logo on the chest of the harness. Puppia Soft Harness A styles are veterinarian approved and a worldwide best-seller for Puppia due to their unique design, comfortable wear and durability. Simply slip the harness over your dog's head and then fasten the adjustable, quick-release buckle. There is a metal D-Ring on the back of the harness onto which you can attach a lead. On chest of the Puppia Bobby Harness is a small fabric loop which comes with a Puppia Smart Tag. The Puppia Smart Tag can be removed or exchanged with your dog's own tag or charm.

Puppia Soft Harnesses are designed with soft and spongy chest padding, and are designed to sit lower than a collar, ensuring your dog has the ultimate comfort by removing pressure from the trachea. Shop the Puppia Bobby Harness range, the gorgeous new collection from Puppia for Spring/Summer 2017.

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