Puppia Aggie Harness B

puppia aggie vest harness Sale


£28.00 GBP 


The Puppia Aggie Vest Harness style B is sweetest step-in Puppia dog harness in our luxury dog boutique UK. As with the original Puppia Aggie Harness, the Puppia Aggie Vest Harness is available in three colours; either Pink, Navy or Aqua. The Puppia Aggie Vest Harness is made with 100% cotton making this Puppia harness luxurious and extremely comfortable for your dog. As well as being comfortable for your dog, this Puppia harness is adorable with its houndstooth pattern and polka dot style hearts all over the dog harness. The closure of the harness is velcro and on top of the velcro closure, there is are two sturdy, metal D-Rings onto which you can attach your lead/leash. The velcro closure and two metal D-Rings ensure your dog is safe and secure in their stylish harness. Puppia harnesses are veterinarian approved and the brand is a worldwide best seller for dog fashion and harnesses. This harness also comes with the added protection of the Puppia Smart Tag. For anyone unfamiliar with Puppia harnesses and how wonderful the Puppia pet fashion label is, the Puppia Aggie Vest Harness will help you fall in love with the Puppia brand!

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!