Pinkaholic Ziggy Harness



£24.00 GBP 


Pinkaholic Ziggy Harness is a fun, geometric, zig-zag patterned dog harness available in three bold colours; Pink, Navy and Aqua. The world famous Pinkaholic pet brand is renowned for their luxurious and chic dog harnesses which are not only stylish, but are padded and comfortable for your dog. Pinkaholic harnesses are veterinarian approved and give the ultimate in comfort for you dog. The unique harness design spreads any pressure across the whole body rather than around the neck which is great for any dogs who pull while out walkies and it also gives the pet owner a lot more control. There is an adjustable chest belt with a snap buckle for extra safety on this harness and on the back, there is a sturdy D-Ring on the onto which you can clip your lead. The Ziggy Harness is made from 100% cotton making this harness super soft, comfortable and easy to clean.  With a playful ruffle design on the front, this Pinkaholic Ziggy Harness is a cute and stylish dog harness.

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!