Pinkaholic Sassa Harness A

Pinkaholic Sassa Harness A


£28.00 GBP 


Pinkaholic Sassa Harness is a gorgeous addition to the Pinkaholic Spring/Summer Harness collection. Made from 100% Cotton with a mixture of Rayon and Nylon lining, this Pinkaholic Harness is perfect for Spring/Summer. Available in a choice of either Pink or Beige and with white polka dot pattern scheme, this Pinkaholic Sassa Harness is an absolute delight for all urban pups and park loving barking stars! The Pinkaholic Sassa Harness also has the Pinkaholic rubber logo on the padded chest of the harness. On the back of the harness is a nickel-plated d-ring on to which you can attach your lead or the matching Pinkaholic Sassa Lead.

The Pinkaholic Sassa Harness is an A style harness, meaning that it slips over your dog's head and secures at the chest. Simply slip the Pinkaholic Sassa Harness over your dog's head, and snap together the quick-release safety buckle. The chest of the Harness A styles is adjustable, making it perfect for dogs who have a larger chest compared to their body, such as Pugs and French Bulldogs. The Pinkaholic Harness A style is comfortable and offers superior comfort for your dog with the padded chest. Stylish, cute and comfortable, the Pinkaholic Sassa Harness is gorgeous!

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!