Pinkaholic Cara Harness A

Pinkaholic Cara Harness A


£28.00 GBP 


Pinkaholic Cara Harness is available in three soft, pastel shades for the new season - Pink, Aqua or Grey. Each Pinkaholic harness contains premium padding to prevents against chiffon, pulling and is soft against the chest of your dog - this is especially beneficial for any dogs who pull. The Pinkaholic Cara Harness is an over-the-head style of dog harness which is easy to slip on and take off; simply pop the harness over your dog's head and adjust the chest belt to the best-fitting size for your dog. On the back of the harness is the nickel-plated d-ring, on to which you can attach the matching lead or leash for the Cara Harness. On the chest of the Pinkaholic Cara Harness is the Pinkaholic rubber label which blends in perfectly with the striped pastel shades of each harness. Made from a mixture of 97% cotton and 3% spandex, the Pinkaholic Cara Harness is comfortable and luxurious. 

Size Neck Girth Breast Girth
Small 10.2" 12.5"-17.3"
Medium 12.6" 15.7"-22.0"
Large 15.8" 19.6"-27.5"

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