Pimp My Pug Reversible Harness - Pizza Lover

Pimp My Pug Reversible Harness - Pizza Lover

Pimp My Pug

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Pimp My Pug Harness - a new Italian designer brand which specially makes harnesses for the perfect fit for both Pugs and French Bulldogs by designer Simona. Available in sizes Small to XL, the Pimp My Pug Reversible Harness in Pizza Lover is two harnesses in one! The outer shell of the Pimp My Pug Harness in Pizza Lover features pizzas and lightening bolts across the harness, and on the reversible side, musical notes on an air-mesh material. Pimp My Pug harnesses are best suited to Pugs, French Bulldogs and owners with a sense of fun. Sourced from Italy, the pimp My Pug range of dog harnesses and dog clothing is made from superior materials and offers something more unique. 

Pimp My Pug Harnesses are the perfect fit for Pugs and French Bulldogs as they're specially made with these two breeds in mind, as all Pug and French Bulldogs owners know it can be difficult to find the perfect fitting dog harness for Pugs and French Bulldogs. We love Pimp My Pug Harnesses!

Size Guide:

Small - Pug and French Bulldogs Puppies: 13 - 14 inch neck

Medium - Pugs and French Bulldogs around 7.5kg - 9.5kg: 14.5 - 15 inch neck

Large - Pugs and French Bulldogs around 9.5 - 13.5kg: 15.5 - 16.5 inch neck

XL - Pugs and French Bulldogs over 13.5kg - 17 - 18 inch neck


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