MOO + TWIG Dog Hoodie - Say Hi!

MOO + TWIG Dog Hoodie - Say Hi!


£26.00 GBP 


WOOF - Moo+Twig's Dog Hoodie will have your furry friend looking paw-some!  Every dog needs a striped hoodie because it's a super sweet and cute style, but we've Moo and Twig have added a little twist to the traditional nautical stripes. Ever wonder if you could stick those cute pins you have to pimp your pup's outfit? No need! We've printed them on for you! Safety first, but fashion also comes first too. The Moo and Twig dog hoodie is dark blue and white stripes, but  on the back of the dog hoodie are some favourite emojis for the funnest of pooches. Made from 80% cotton, the Moo and Twig dog hoodie in Say Hi is funny, chic and allows for different sizes of pooches as it's available in sizes XS to XL.


  • Embroidered patch in front
  • Slit in back to allow for harness loop
  • Stretchy spandex cotton leg holes
  • Back pocket with velcro closure 
  • Lined with a little bit of fluff for added warmth and snugness 
  • Material: 80% cotton, 20% polyester 

Moo+Twig Size Guide (cm)

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