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Shop the iconic Puppia Harness, Puppia Dog Clothes and Puppia Accessories in our iconic and luxury Puppia Collection. Puppia is the world's most influential dog fashion brand bringing unique and sought-after dog harnesses to make your dog's life a little more fun. From Puppia's original, stylish and popular Puppia Soft Harness, Puppia Vest Harness and Puppia Ritefit Harness, we stock and retail one of the largest collections of the iconic Puppia Harness in the UK. Puppia is a premier pet fashion label world renowned for their extensive designs in both dog harnesses and dog clothing. Puppia design dog harnesses and dog clothing for almost all dog breeds; from Teacup breeds and Pugs to Labradors and Retrievers - Puppia ensure all dogs can enjoy walkies in their soft, padded harnesses. Now with the added protection to most of their harnesses with Puppia's Smart Tag, there is an after care concept with Puppia dog harnesses and dog clothing. For more information on the Puppia Smart Tag, please visit Puppia's website by clicking here. Shop our extensive luxury Puppia Collection and enjoy the iconic, influential Puppia Harness Collection.

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