Pimp My Pug Harness - Flamboyant Flamingo

Pimp My Pug Harness - Flamboyant Flamingo

Pimp My Pug

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Pimp My Pug Harnesses are the best harnesses for Pugs and French Bulldogs! Created, designed and made in Italy by Simona, Pimp My Pug Harnesses are crafted from high quality fabrics and also are reversible - perfect for those pooches and humans who can't quite make up their mind! Pimp My Pug Harnesses are specially made for Pugs and French Bulldogs, as many owners understand the frustration in trying to find the best-fitting dog harness for these little bulky breeds. The Pimp My Pug Harness in Flamboyant Flamingo features flamingos and pineapples on a palm-tree background on the neoprene fabric side of the harness, and on the air-mesh reversible harness side, is a gorgeous hot-pink colour, perfect for summer. These neoprene harnesses are amazing as their extremely water resistant and quick-drying, plus the air-mesh material on the reversible side, is light-wight and breathable, making them a perfect choice for Pugs and French Bulldogs who can over-heat in warm weather. To use the dog harness, simply pop the harness over your dog's head and secure the harness using the adjustable chest belt. On the back of the dog harness is a metal d-ring, on to which you can attach a lead if you wish. Suitable for both Pugs and French Bulldogs, our Pimp My Pug Harness range is extremely fun!

Size Guide:

Small - Pug and French Bulldogs Puppies: 13 - 14 inch neck

Medium - Pugs and French Bulldogs around 7.5kg - 9.5kg: 14.5 - 15 inch neck

Large - Pugs and French Bulldogs around 9.5 - 13.5kg: 15.5 - 16.5 inch neck

XL - Pugs and French Bulldogs over 13.5kg - 17 - 18 inch neck

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