PetLondon Collection - As Snug as a Pug Dog Boutique

PetLondon chic dog accessories and fashionable dog apparel are world renowned and PetLondon is the most famous dog fashion brand in the UK pet accessory industry. PetLondon was founded in 2002 by pet lover Melody Lewis and the PetLondon dog brand strives to make your pet's life more fun and exciting with their wide selection of dog accessories and selection of fashionable pet apparel. the PetLondon brand has grown so much that the dog fashion brand is retailed not only within dog boutiques and pet boutiques in the UK, but also at pet boutiques in France, Finland, Japan, Iceland and USA. PetLondon ensure all their dog accessories and pet products are manufactured to the highest standard and all of their dog clothing is machine washable as well as long lasting - perfect for all those rolls around in the park. 

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!