Puppia Wilderness Coat

Puppia Wilderness Coat


£62.00 GBP 


Puppia Wilderness rain coat is a lightweight, waterproof dog coat with a built-in harness. New for Spring/Summer 2017 from the Puppia pet fashion brand, the Puppia Wilderness coat is from the recent Puppie Life™ collection line. Available in a choice of 3 colours; Red, Blue and Yellow, the Puppia Wilderness rain coat has a hood, 3/4 length sleeves and zips along your dog's tummy. The Puppia Wilderness helps prevent against wind and rain and is ideal for any light patches of rain. With a integrated harness, the Puppia Wilderness coat provides protection and security for your dog, as well as making it easily for you to put on and take off of your dog. With the Puppia Wilderness rain coat, there are reflective stripes all over the lightweight rain coat, making this piece of dog fashion perfect for the dark night walkies. As well, the Puppia Wilderness has an adjustable belt and drawstring with stoppers sewn into the lower part of the body of the jacket to allow for the perfect fit for your dog's body. On the back of the Puppia Wilderness just below the harness, is a pouch/small pocket which can be used to keep essentials for your dog. The Puppia Wilderness is lined with a delicate air-mesh material making this rain coat "breathable" and prevents your dog from overheating.

Please note, the Puppia Wilderness rain coat is one size smaller than the Harness A (over the head) styles. Any dog wearing a size Medium in the Harness A will most likely need a size Large in the Puppia Wilderness rain coat. 

puppia wilderness rain coat

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