Mutts and Hounds Donut Dog Bed - Union Jack

mutts and hounds dog bed

Mutts & Hounds

£88.00 GBP 


Mutts and Hounds Donut Dog Beds are super comfortable for your little, and big, pets. Your pet will cuddle up in the bed very easily and any Mutts and Hounds bed will look chic in your home too. Mutts and Hounds products are all hand-made, and all Mutts and Hounds Dog Beds are made using luxurious fabrics, making this very soft and comfortable for your dog.

Mutts & Hounds dog beds and dog harnesses are luxuriously hand-made in the UK - some things are a little more special in life.

The whole bed is machine washable at 30 degrees.

Available in 3 sizes: *
Small: 50cm diameter, suitable for toy breeds, small Terriers, mini Dachshunds, Pugs
Medium: 60cm diameter, suitable for Terriers, Schnauzers, Corgis
Large: 70cm diameter, suitable for Beagles, Spaniels

*Measurement taken from the widest point, breeds given as a guide only.


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