MOO + TWIG Dog Hoodie - Hydrant Hoodie

MOO + TWIG Dog Hoodie - Hydrant Hoodie


£27.00 GBP 


Moo+Twig's perfect dog hoodie for the little furry thug in your life - or wannabe thug! Whether your dog is a lover or a fighter, we know all dogs love a good fire hydrant - although usually to pee against. Featuring fire hydrants printed all over the dog hoodie, this Moo+Twig dog hoodie is made from 95% cotton and has spandex leg holes to ensures the comfiest of fits for any dog. The shades Heather Grey, Maroon and Navy Blue of the Moo+Twig's Hydrant Hoodie is a paw-some addition to our apparel collection at Snug as a Pug. 

Colours: Heather grey, maroon, navy blue.


  • Embroidered fire hydrant patch in front
  • Fire hydrants printed all over back
  • Slit in back to allow for harness loop
  • Super stetchy thick material for warmth and comfort
  • Stretchy spandex cotton leg holes
  • Intentionally sleeveless to avoid legs getting caught
  • Back pocket with velcro closure
  • Material: 95% cotton, 5% polyester 

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!