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natural dog company snout soother

Natural Dog Company

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Crusty, dry, cracked, chapped, even bleeding dog noses don’t stand a chance against  the wonderful, natural and organic healing powers of the Natural Dog Company Snout Soother. The Snout Soother balm for your dog's nose is a synergistic, perfect blend of organic, vegan, nourishing, healing and moisturising ingredients. The Natural Dog Company's Snout Soother can be applied to a dog's nose to treat painful cracking and dryness as well as a preventative with its natural sunscreen elements. In just days, the amazing Snout Soother will erase any dry skin and your dog's nose will be treated, becoming soothed, softened, and rejuvenated.

DIRECTIONS: We suggest applying Snout Soother as often as possible for the first few days of use, but recommend a minimum of 2-3 times during this period. During the night is when bodies are at the peak of regeneration and healing so before you pup goes to sleep apply a final treatment of Snout Soother.

Snout Soother works FAST, once your dogs nose is healed reduce the amount of use to maintain a fantastic, healthy nose.

DISTRACTION: After applying Snout Soother try and distract your dog for a few minutes while the healing begins. The oils in Snout Soother absorb deep into the skin quickly but can be also be extremely tasty. By going for a walk, playtime, treat time or anything else you and your dog love to do should help keep them distracted while the Natural Dog Company Snout Soother gets to work.

Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!