Dog Boutique UK - Louisdog Collection

In our dog boutique, Louisdog is a dog fashion brand which is synonymous with luxury dog clothing. Indulging in life style dog products and fashion forward dog fashion, Louisdog has become a much-loved luxury dog brand by dog owners all over the world. Established in 2001, Louisdog introduced a new, exclusive and chic brand of dog prodcuts to the market with their lines of dog apparel and dog accessories. Louisdog's mission is to improve the life of your pampered four-legged friend, man's best friend and pooch through their production of elegant fashion designs using exclusive fabrics and materials - often 100% organic cotton - to create exquisite products for your dog. Not only does Louisdog provide stylish dog accessories, but the unique company also provides comfortable designs, making your dog's life incredibly spoiled. Louisdog are a fashion-forward pet fashion label creating sumptuous collections like the Organic Collection and Cashmere Collection, afterall the Louisdog lifestyle believes that your dog deserves to live the same life of luxury as we do, and why not? The luxury lifestyle and dog fashion label Louisdog is only available in the finest of premier dog boutiques and we are honoured to be able to retail this gorgeously exclusive dog label in the UK.


Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!