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Over the last month we've seen a rise in the number of customers coming to us for help who have previously purchased a Puppia or Pinkaholic Harness from websites claiming to be "dog boutiques" within the UK. Such websites are claiming they retail "genuine Puppia harnesses" for super cheap prices! However, upon arrival, the customer realises that they have been diddled and have actually purchased a cheap and flimsy replica which is ill-fitting for their furry friend.

All the brands we retail are authentic, reputable, designer dog brands and we only retail brands we believe to be the very best for all pooches; from our grooming section to our huge collection of harnesses and dog clothing. 

As it's Summer and the busiest time of the year for harness sales, we've put together a chart to help you identify such counterfeit harnesses.

puppia dog harness

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