Busy Week

Hi all,

It's been a busy week!  We've had lots orders and enquiries to deal with and frankly, I'm not cut out for such busy work... I much prefer goofing around with my brother, Percy, being pampered like the Pug Queen I am and sleeping by the fire.  That reminds me, I need to hide Percy's toy turkey before bed time; he keeps rolling on it in his sleep and the squeak disturbs me from dreaming of food... Mmmm...Tuna... Chicken... Scrambled Eggs...Yummy...

Anyway, mummy says this blog is for an update on me and Percy, and As Snug as a Pug, but not food, soo...  Thanks to everyone for all the support, their love of dapper dog clothing, me and Percy and most of all, their love of their pets.  A lot of stock has run low due to the high volume of customers we've had, but we've also added some new products like the Puppia Boo Boo II Sweater, Puppia Oz Hoodie, Puppia Barrington rain coat and the Pinkaholic Toddler Hoodie.  We've also got new dog harnesses - Puppia Damier Harness, Puppia Spring Harness and, my favourite, Puppia Spring Garden Harness.  Look out for our new brand, LouisDog, it's a deluxe range for us dogs and has been instantly so popular that we're having to take pre-orders!  

I think a lot of our furry friends are looking stylish down the park, so please post your pictures on Facebook or Instagram and tag us so we can see you.  We look forward to seeing you pose in your new dog harness, cute sweaters and jackets!

Until next time, furry friends!  Here's some pictures of us from this week - follow us on Instagram @assnugasapugltd or like us on Facebook, As Snug as a Pug.

Pugs and kisses,


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