Dog Harness vs. Dog Collar

At As Snug as a Pug, we only retail brands which we believe provide the best quality for your dog. We love Puppia dog harnesses and dog clothes, Louisdog, Pinkaholic and Pet London, but sometimes we're asked why we don't retail collars. Simply put, we don't agree in the use of collars; a dog harness is healthier and more safe for your dog.

If you are looking our for dog's best interests, then it's best to buy a soft, padded dog harness which is lightweight, preferably air-mesh and with an adjustable chest belt for a perfect fit. There are number of issues relating to collars which can result in poor health for your dog. 

Studies have shown that there are many health issues that can be caused from walking your dog on a collar, including:

  • Hypothyroidism - can be caused from trauma to the thyroid gland in the neck.
  • Ear and eye issues as a result of extensive pressure on the neck.
  • Behavior problems caused by pain or other physical injuries from the use of a collar.

A dog pulling is caused by an opposition reflex, also known as thigmotaxis, that is, an equal and opposite response to pressure. We have all experienced this as humans;  if someone leans against us, we find ourselves automatically leaning into them with equal or greater pressure to maintain the equilibrium.  The tightening of a dog leash/dog lead actually causes the dog to strain against the collar.  You pull one way and your dog will pull the other way. Contrary to popular belief, putting your dog in a harness will not cause him to pull more. Many people think that a harness will cause a dog to pull like a working dog, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 


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