Bank Holiday Madness!

Hi Everyone!

Mummy says I've to take over today's blog for her because I have more time than she does at the moment and I can spell better than Percy. My mummy is busy with orders, phone calls and emails so I offered to help in exchange for a deer antler to chomp on.

Thank you to everyone for ordering over the Bank Holiday weekend, it was so busy that we have run out of stock on a lot of dog harnesses and my mummy says we are already on order no.3 for the pre-order of Puppia's new Season dog clothes and harnesses! Big, big, whopping "Thank You" to everyone, we love to see pictures of my fellow furry friends on Facebook and Instagram so please keep doing it! 

Anyway, we've received some questions about us and we'd like to reply to everyone who loves us!

Q: Is Soozie a Pug?

A: Yes, I am a Pug. I am from the very well known kennel, Snugglepug. I am a full Pug, but I am hairy because I'm a gene throw back from many, many generations ago. I think I look cute; mummy says I look like a Gorilla!

Q: Where is Percy from?

A: Percy is the double of his daddy, Mr Darcy who is from the Zobear kennel. Zobear pugs is owned by the lovely, wonderful Julia Ashton in Newmilns, East Ayrshire who we're so pleased to say is rocking the Pug world! 

Q: What is your favourite thing to do?

A: We both love pig ears and deer antlers! We also love to chew on them while sitting on the sofas, but mummy and daddy always tell us "no chewsticks on the sofa". We don't care though; we sit on the sofas when they're not in and eat our pig ears heehee!

Q: How old are you?

A: I'm 3 and Percy is 8 months.

Q: Will Soozie and Percy have puppies?

A: Nope, we are brought up as brother and sister. I can't have babies because of an operation my mummy and daddy got me and Percy is going to have his operation soon.

Q: Do you like mornings?

A: Nope, we don't like mornings. We like to go out to do our business then come back in and sleep. We like sleeping beside mummy and daddy and lying up at their heads.

Thanks for your questions everyone - we'll do this again!

Take care and have a good week!

Soozie (and Percy and Mummy)






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