Puppia's Spring/Summer Collection for 2016

We are super duper delighted, ecstatic and overjoyed to announce Puppia's new season Harnesses and Apparel are currently en route to us! We are now taking pre-orders for this new season wardrobe, so order while you can as we have already received more pre-orders than we can count with our fingers and toes! Puppia's Spring/Summer collection are bold, bright, luxurious and chic - perfect for posing in the park. We're also excited that this collection comes with Puppia's Smart Tag! Here's some pictures of some of our favourites from this season's collection, we hope you agree - enjoy! 


Puppia's Modern Dotty Harness - Different to the original Dotty Harness, this collection looks more chic with metallic polka dots and comes with the crest emblem on the chest for an extra luxe feel.

Puppia's Vogue Harness - Plaid patterned perfection. Previously seen before by Puppia, but this Vogue Harness has been updated to now have the Puppia Smart Tag and the rubber Puppia label has been updated as well.

Puppia's Beach Party Harness - There's little more adorable than a dog wearing a hoodie! so this combination by Puppia is a great addition to the harness collection. Bold stripes give a Summer feel and with a crab appliqué on the hood, this is an adorable harness for which we have received a lot of pre-orders already.

Puppia's Capitane Harness - For the Capitane of your household! There's something adorable about a nautical theme for a dog's harness and we think many of you agree as our Eos and Atticus Harnesses have been so popular. 

Puppia's Tot Harness - We love that Puppia have incorporated some pastel colours into their S/S collection. This dog harness is light, breezy and playful.

Puppia's Argyle Harness - A bright addition to the season's collection. This harness manages to look both chic and preppy! The Aqua, Pink and Red colours are dominate throughout Puppia's S/S collection for 2016, but we think the blend of the colours looks sophisticated and perfect for park side posing!


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