Puppia Harness and Dog Clothing For A/W 2016

It's dark in the mornings, colder and the weather is just awful - it's Winter again and with Winter comes the new Puppia Harness and Puppia Dog Clothing collection! Our best-selling dog brand at As Snug as a Pug is Puppia and it's easy to understand why. From soft, plush harnesses which look chic and luxurious, to simple and stylish Puppia Soft Harnesses which can spruce up the least fashionable pooch, Puppia pet fashion always has something for every canine. This year, Puppia has brought out more colours in their Puppia Mountaineer II jackets - adding Orange, Blue and Green! New for 2016 is also the Puppia Clark Jacket which has a faux-fur lined hood and looks incredibly adorable for your pup. As well, their Puppia Kemp Harness and Puppia Troy Harness have been hugely popular. The consistent quality of Puppia Harnesses and their cute designs means that your dog can always look stylish while wearing a Puppia Harness.


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It's almost Winter here at As Snug as a Pug - or at least the weather is making us feel that way. And of course, with a new season comes a new collection of soft dog harnesses from Puppia for Autumn/Winter 2016! The Puppia pet fashion label is famous for their luxury soft dog harnesses, our best-selling dog product here in our boutique, and the ultimate dog walking accessory. Even better for this season is that Puppia have created the harnesses from Small to XL - even bigger dogs can join in the Winter harness fun! Here are some pictures below of our favourites from the Puppia soft harness collection for Autumn/Winter 2016, due to go on our website for pre-order soon! 


Puppia Harnesses :: Pinkaholic Harnesses :: Puppia Dog Harness Collection :: Soft Dog Harnesses

Over the last month we've seen a rise in the number of customers coming to us for help who have previously purchased a Puppia or Pinkaholic Harness from websites claiming to be "dog boutiques" within the UK. Such websites are claiming they retail "genuine Puppia harnesses" for super cheap prices! However, upon arrival, the customer realises that they have been diddled and have actually purchased a cheap and flimsy replica which is ill-fitting for their furry friend.

All the brands we retail are authentic, reputable, designer dog brands and we only retail brands we believe to be the very best for all pooches; from our grooming section to our huge collection of harnesses and dog clothing. 

As it's Summer and the busiest time of the year for harness sales, we've put together a chart to help you identify such counterfeit harnesses.

puppia dog harness

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It’s pretty much officially summer here in the UK and we've had a great May and June full of Sunshine which will hopefully continue throughout July - fingers crossed. Summer means it’s time to catch up on dog harnesses, dog clothing and dog fashion trend for Summer 2016. As Elle Magazine puts it, here are “key ways to wear neon without looking like a traffic cone.

As Snug as a Pug stays on top of seasonal dog fashion trends with seasonal lines from PUPPIA and PINKAHOLIC. This summer, neon will be a popular trendy fashion statement across the UK for both dog fashion, dog clothing and dog harnesses. We want to make sure your furry friends are looking super hip for the summer.

As Snug as a Pug dog boutique offers a variety of neon products that can be worn separately or co-ordinated. From dog harnesses, dog collars, and many more dog accessories. We are confident the neon dog products we have in store for 2016 and think they will be a hit with your canine. These products are suitable for parks, vacations, and city walks. Wherever you go, passing dogs and owners will probably be super jealous of your pup.

The most recent accessories in our neon line are the PUPPIA HARNESSES. The chic PUPPIA HARNESS Neon collection comes in a variety of colors and sizes to fit most breeds of dog, including the PUPPIA RITEFIT HARNESS, PUPPIA HARNESS C and the original PUPPIA NEON HARNESS - all available with matching leashes/leads. No matter the occasion, your pooch will be looking picture perfect, comfortable and fresh for the coming summer months in our bright, bold and unique dog harnesses by PUPPIA and PINKAHOLIC.

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Living the As Snug as a Pug lifestyle!

Up on top of a hill, surrounded by beautiful, grassy, woodland in Ayrshire, no two days are ever the same at As Snug as a Pug HQ. Our Boutique and office are located on a hilltop, peacefully tucked away in the heart of Ayrshire - we love the tranquility we offer to pets. Since we opened for business in January 2016, we have grown from strength to strength in such a short time and we are starting to become an internationally recognised dog boutique offering the best possible dog products for your pets - at the best price possible. From our Free UK Delivery ALWAYS policy to our best selling pet fashion brands Puppia, Pinkaholic, Pet London and Louisdog, there is a little slice of heaven for every dog and their owner at As Snug as a Pug. As we continue to grow, we promise to keep our customer service as paws-itive as it has been since day one, and we are also looking into designing our own range of dog accessories, dog clothing and dog harnesses. We couldn't have done it without all our customer's support, thank you for being so woof-errific!

Another exciting side of the business is our Doggy Day Care! We're continually kept on our toes at As Snug as a Pug and we enjoy it so much that it's more of a lifestyle than a job to us. We have such a dedication to dapper dogs as well as caring for them, building up a glittering reputation for both sides of the business.

As Snug as a Pug is a little piece of heaven for any pet owner who's paws-itively dedicated to their four-legged friends. 

XS Puppia Harnesses!

Introducing As Snug as a Pug's XS Puppia Harness Collection! Our collection of Puppia's Soft Jacket Vest Harnesses - the step-in Puppia dog harness B style - has been so popular that we are now retailing the teeny, tiny size XS Puppia Harness size which is perfect for all small Teacup dog breeds and well as little puppy Chihuahuas. We can't quite believe just how tiny the XS size of this Puppia Jacket Soft Harness is, so naturally we had to take a pictures to show just how sweet this little harness is! We've created a cute collage for a little entertainment, after all, Friday is a while away...

To shop this size of harness, please see our Puppia Soft Vest Jacket Dog Harness collection - click here




Dog Harness vs. Dog Collar

At As Snug as a Pug, we only retail brands which we believe provide the best quality for your dog. We love Puppia dog harnesses and dog clothes, Louisdog, Pinkaholic and Pet London, but sometimes we're asked why we don't retail collars. Simply put, we don't agree in the use of collars; a dog harness is healthier and more safe for your dog.

If you are looking our for dog's best interests, then it's best to buy a soft, padded dog harness which is lightweight, preferably air-mesh and with an adjustable chest belt for a perfect fit. There are number of issues relating to collars which can result in poor health for your dog. 

Studies have shown that there are many health issues that can be caused from walking your dog on a collar, including:

  • Hypothyroidism - can be caused from trauma to the thyroid gland in the neck.
  • Ear and eye issues as a result of extensive pressure on the neck.
  • Behavior problems caused by pain or other physical injuries from the use of a collar.

A dog pulling is caused by an opposition reflex, also known as thigmotaxis, that is, an equal and opposite response to pressure. We have all experienced this as humans;  if someone leans against us, we find ourselves automatically leaning into them with equal or greater pressure to maintain the equilibrium.  The tightening of a dog leash/dog lead actually causes the dog to strain against the collar.  You pull one way and your dog will pull the other way. Contrary to popular belief, putting your dog in a harness will not cause him to pull more. Many people think that a harness will cause a dog to pull like a working dog, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 


Bank Holiday Madness!

Hi Everyone!

Mummy says I've to take over today's blog for her because I have more time than she does at the moment and I can spell better than Percy. My mummy is busy with orders, phone calls and emails so I offered to help in exchange for a deer antler to chomp on.

Thank you to everyone for ordering over the Bank Holiday weekend, it was so busy that we have run out of stock on a lot of dog harnesses and my mummy says we are already on order no.3 for the pre-order of Puppia's new Season dog clothes and harnesses! Big, big, whopping "Thank You" to everyone, we love to see pictures of my fellow furry friends on Facebook and Instagram so please keep doing it! 

Anyway, we've received some questions about us and we'd like to reply to everyone who loves us!

Q: Is Soozie a Pug?

A: Yes, I am a Pug. I am from the very well known kennel, Snugglepug. I am a full Pug, but I am hairy because I'm a gene throw back from many, many generations ago. I think I look cute; mummy says I look like a Gorilla!

Q: Where is Percy from?

A: Percy is the double of his daddy, Mr Darcy who is from the Zobear kennel. Zobear pugs is owned by the lovely, wonderful Julia Ashton in Newmilns, East Ayrshire who we're so pleased to say is rocking the Pug world! 

Q: What is your favourite thing to do?

A: We both love pig ears and deer antlers! We also love to chew on them while sitting on the sofas, but mummy and daddy always tell us "no chewsticks on the sofa". We don't care though; we sit on the sofas when they're not in and eat our pig ears heehee!

Q: How old are you?

A: I'm 3 and Percy is 8 months.

Q: Will Soozie and Percy have puppies?

A: Nope, we are brought up as brother and sister. I can't have babies because of an operation my mummy and daddy got me and Percy is going to have his operation soon.

Q: Do you like mornings?

A: Nope, we don't like mornings. We like to go out to do our business then come back in and sleep. We like sleeping beside mummy and daddy and lying up at their heads.

Thanks for your questions everyone - we'll do this again!

Take care and have a good week!

Soozie (and Percy and Mummy)






Puppia's Spring/Summer Collection for 2016

We are super duper delighted, ecstatic and overjoyed to announce Puppia's new season Harnesses and Apparel are currently en route to us! We are now taking pre-orders for this new season wardrobe, so order while you can as we have already received more pre-orders than we can count with our fingers and toes! Puppia's Spring/Summer collection are bold, bright, luxurious and chic - perfect for posing in the park. We're also excited that this collection comes with Puppia's Smart Tag! Here's some pictures of some of our favourites from this season's collection, we hope you agree - enjoy! 


Puppia's Modern Dotty Harness - Different to the original Dotty Harness, this collection looks more chic with metallic polka dots and comes with the crest emblem on the chest for an extra luxe feel.

Puppia's Vogue Harness - Plaid patterned perfection. Previously seen before by Puppia, but this Vogue Harness has been updated to now have the Puppia Smart Tag and the rubber Puppia label has been updated as well.

Puppia's Beach Party Harness - There's little more adorable than a dog wearing a hoodie! so this combination by Puppia is a great addition to the harness collection. Bold stripes give a Summer feel and with a crab appliqué on the hood, this is an adorable harness for which we have received a lot of pre-orders already.

Puppia's Capitane Harness - For the Capitane of your household! There's something adorable about a nautical theme for a dog's harness and we think many of you agree as our Eos and Atticus Harnesses have been so popular. 

Puppia's Tot Harness - We love that Puppia have incorporated some pastel colours into their S/S collection. This dog harness is light, breezy and playful.

Puppia's Argyle Harness - A bright addition to the season's collection. This harness manages to look both chic and preppy! The Aqua, Pink and Red colours are dominate throughout Puppia's S/S collection for 2016, but we think the blend of the colours looks sophisticated and perfect for park side posing!


Hot Off the Press!

We've had a lot of different weather this week at As Snug as a Pug HQ; from snow, rain and hailstones to warm, calm, sunshine!  However, the frosty mornings are still here so make sure your pup is cosy by investing in Puppia's Mountaineer II coat and harness!  With fleece lining and an integrated harness, there's a lot to love about this super snug dog coat.

As more and more owners become aware of their pet's needs during the cold winter months, it seems the British population are a little potty for their pets as the rise of Briton's spending on their beloveds is booming.  The UK is estimated to have 65 million pets, and the number is still rising!  The humanisation of pets is definitely a driving factor behind the rising growth of owners investing in designer, well-made and most importantly, safe, clothing and harnesses.  However, there's also an education factor as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their dog's needs, hence the high demand for quality.  At As Snug as a Pug, we only stock brands which promote the very best, and brands which offer something  pampering, quirky and safe - as well as fun.  One such brand which provides your dog with super luxury is Louisdog.  Self-described as being the ultimate in luxury for your dog, Louisdog use the best fabrics and materials to create the most exquisite designs to make your dog's day a little bit brighter.  Louisdog is only stocked in the very best of pet boutiques and department stores, including Selfridges in the UK.  From organic cotton fabric to cashmere to elegant and distinctive designs, any dog would be a pampered Prince or Princess in their pieces!  Here are a couple of our Louisdog favourites that we just have to share:

Louisdog's Sunday Romper

Louisdog's Snuggle Top


Paws-itively dedicated to dapper dogs!